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  • Operas with a special place in my heart (2/13/2019) by Flamand- Sure I love all opera and I love some more than others but there are a few operas which occupy a very special place in my heart. Well, you say how can one choose between great masterworks and prefer one over the other? Is La Traviata better than La Boheme? Do you prefer Otello over […]
  • Opera Movies – an historical overview (2/9/2019) by Flamand- At Opera on Video we distinguish between live performances, opera movies and concert performances. There are hybrids such as semi-staged performances and live performances in a studio. Opera movies are operas filmed in studio and on location to a previously recorded soundtrack. Directors are often quite liberal with music und libretto and cut or add […]
  • Watching Opera on Internet (2/7/2019) by Flamand- Today many opera lovers around the world watch operas on Internet. They can now experience opera performances from opera houses around the globe which they otherwise would not have the opportunity to visit. Thus today opera is watched by more people than ever in history. You can watch opera on your computer, television, game console […]
  • Nudity in Opera (2/2/2019) by Flamand- In my youth when I started going to the opera (1950s) topless girls were taboo in newspapers, magazines and even movies. Nudity in opera was quite unthinkable. But things changed very quickly in the 1960s and 70s. With flower power and women’s lib female breasts became quite ubiquitous in all media. It was just a […]
  • Opera in South-East Asia ?? (1/29/2019) by Flamand- When opera in Asia is mentioned most think of the numerous glorious performances of visiting companies in Japan starting with del Monaco and Tebaldi. View these here. Or you might think of the many excellent performances in South Korea by very good local artists. View here. And China has many excellent singers too: View videos […]

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