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  • When opera goes wrong… (1/12/2019) by Flamand- I am sure it happened to you too – something went completely wrong during an opera performance. I have experienced myself a few incidents and collected others. Here for you to enjoy: A glitch in the machinery can be fateful – Mefistofele Theatre Antique Orange 2018 The usually so safe and reliant stage machinery goes […]
  • My most unforgettable experiences in the opera
    (1/10/2019) by Flamand-   You may know that I have been attending live opera performances for almost 70 years now. The number of exceptional performances I have seen is huge. People always ask me to name the most unforgettable extra-ordinary experiences I had over the many years. Well here is a try at my personal list of  my […]
  • Cecilia Bartoli 30 years on stage at Zurich Opera
    (1/10/2019) by Flamand-   In 1989 a virtually unknown singer made her debut as Cherubino at the Zurich opera with Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducting. It was the start of an incredible career for Cecilia Bartoli. I was in the audience 1989 and although her costume was less than ideal her singing was superb. After that a world-wide career started […]

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