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Sylvia F. 10 Swiss Francs, Stephen B. 10, Posy R. USA 10, Frank M. USA 10, John B. USA 10, Ulrike B. Germany 10, Sabine S. Germany 50, Irwin R. USA 10, Charles J. UK 10,  Richard B. USA 50, Maggie R. USA 25, Carolyn M. Canada 20,  Caroline H. USA 50, George L. USA 25, Joanna H. USA 50, William D. UK, 25, Morag K. Scotland 25, Jim W. USA 25 , John F. UK 26, Ann B. USA 100  THANK YOU !


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THE RICHARD WAGNER WEB MUSEUM https://richard-wagner-web-museum.com A guest blog by Nicolas Crapanne, Editor-in-chief of the website The Richard Wagner Web Museum The most ambitious internet project ever dedicated to a composer ! For the first time, a completely unique website dedicated to a classical music composer – available in French since 2015, English, and German […]

Remembering Callas by Paul Padillo

Remembering Callas a Guest Blog by Paul Padillo Maria Callas 42 Videos Maria Callas lived only to the age of 53. Today marks the one hundredth anniversary of her birth. Mind blown. While I’ve written so much about Maria Callas since . . . let’s see, add the 6, carry the 3 and . . […]

How to Search and Find on Opera on Video

Opera on Video has grown greatly and provides you with a great number of opera performances and huge amount of information. This is great! But it may become more difficult to find quickly exactly what you are looking for. NOW we are improving the SEARCH facility even further, to allow you to find what you […]

DAS RHEINGOLD London 2023 A review by Nigel Gallimore

DAS RHEINGOLD London 2023 A review by Nigel Gallimore Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen. Das Rheingold. 23rd September 2023. 7.30 pm ROH, Covent Garden. The story of humanity, the evolution of the human race and society: a critique by Nigel Gallimore. DAS RHEINGOLD on Opera on Video A new Ring Cycle at the ROH is […]

The Story of Opera Bracelets

The Story of Opera Bracelets A guest blog by Cindy Battisti I was only a “hit song” sort of opera lover for the first part of my life. My Grandma would listen to opera on the radio when she was cooking big Sunday dinners. As an adult, I got in the habit of tuning in […]


OPERA IN WARTIME Any war had a big impact on the cultural life and on opera in particular. Opera houses had to be closed during wars and many were destroyed by war. But often opera thrived even during wartime and rose again like a Phoenix afterwards. We will look at World War II and the […]


OPERA AND WAR We often think of opera being inspired by love, intrigues and conflicts, fights and murder – but inspired by war? Actually there are quite many operas which feature and depict war, and even more with a story with war as background. I will only include operas which feature and depict war. WARS […]


WEB OPERA and OPERA ON THE WEB A guest blog by Sofija Perović Sofija Perovic is a harpsichordist, opera stage director, professor, researcher, literary critic and author. She holds 3 doctorate degrees: Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA from University of Arts in Belgrade, thesis “The Influence of Andalusian music on the interpretation of compositions for solo harpsichord […]

VIRTUAL REALITY OPERA – Is this the future?

VIRTUAL REALITY OPERA – Is this the future? Opera is widely considered a conservative art form. Even if some opera directors nowadays try to modernize staging. But could new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) open opera to new dimensions ? And facilitate reaching a new and younger target group, who […]


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