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Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Vocal Cords Healthy

How To Keep Your Vocal Cords Healthy Guest blog by Tracy Powers When you love singing, your vocal cords are your bread and butter. Without them, you won’t be able to do what you love! That is why taking care of your vocal cords (get the book) and keeping them healthy is important. In this […]


Guest post by Basia Jaworski: Basia con fuoco is Basia Jaworski (Poland/Israel), a freelance publicist and music journalist. For almost 20 years she worked in a specialist store for classical music in Amsterdam, where she also organized concerts, lectures and “autogrammenstunden”. She was also a regular guest on several radio and television programs. including Discotable […]

Anna Netrebko- going strong AGAIN

On July 16, Anna Netrebko made a triumphal appearance as Aida in the Arena di Verona. Read the review here  AIDA Verona Video Clip  One would not have thought this to be possible just five months ago. But on this occasion in Verona the controversy centered on Angel Blue and her “blackfacing” comments. In February […]

OPERA LIVES! – Contemporary opera succeeds

OPERA LIVES! – Contemporary opera succeeds I often hear doomsday prophets predict the imminent death of opera. The say that opera is an art form out of the museum and because there is no positive evolution it will gradually die. These people are very wrong. Opera lives and develops strongly. In the decades since 1945 […]

A GREAT SMALL OPERA COMPANY – Brooklyn Telemann Chamber Society

Brooklyn Telemann Chamber Society A guest blog by Liz Kiger Homepage The brain child of soprano/violinist Liz Kiger, this chamber group is focused on bringing historically informed performance practice of lesser known and lesser produced Baroque repertoire to its NYC audience in an affordable, intimate, and unique setting while simultaneously providing resume enhancing performance opportunities […]

Opera in and from Mongolia

Opera in Mongolia? What sounds very exotic, really is not, considering history and development over decennia, if not centuries. In recent years several great singers have emerged from Mongolia, won competitions and began world careers. Mongolians are incredible singers, with traditions dating back many centuries. Their famous throat singing creates multiple pitches simultaneously. It requires […]

Opera Magazines in Print

We have become used to get news, reviews and information about opera from the Internet. We have almost forgotten about the printed magazines which were our only source of information just one generation ago. But there are still many printed Opera magazines available. Here is a list with links, examples and some comments: Opera (English […]

FULL 94 Great Performances from the Ed Sullivan Show USA 1948 – 1971 Corelli Nilsson Tebaldi Sutherland Moffo Tucker Merrill

94 Great Performances from the Ed Sullivan Show USA 1948 – 1971 with Franco Corelli, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, Birgit Nilsson, Anna Moffo, Mario del Monaco, Giuseppe di Stefano, Juss Björling, Robert Merrill, Regina Resnik, Lauritz Melchior, Jan Peerce, Cesare Siepi, Cesare Valetti, Dorothy Kirsten, Rise Stevens, Eileen Farrell, Eleanor Steber, Leontyne Price, Lily Pons, […]


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