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FULL ZAIDE Castellazzo 1994 Diego D’Auria, Virna Sforza, Fulvio Bettini, Roberto Bencivenga

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“Zaide”, an unfinished work by Mozart, a German singspiel of imprisonment and escapes from the seraglio, composed between 1779-80, was interrupted in 1781, after 15 numbers, midway and without a finale, and never resumed. The libretto and the connecting dialogues between the 15 pieces, the only ones with the original text, have been lost. Found after Mozart’s death.
It is being talked about today with success as a current rediscovery: the Rome Opera Theater has just opened, planned in collaboration with the Lombardy Opera Theaters. Its promoter was the director Graham Vick, who in the summer of 1981 staged it at the Music Festival of the Batignano Cloister, where Adam Pollock had created a construction site of rare works to be re-proposed, with especially young English artists. For the lost libretto they asked, and obtained, the text from Italo Calvino. A fairy tale of turkey that connects the 15 known episodes, and suggests possible combinations and developments, sometimes with two alternative hypotheses.
The following year Graham Vick brought “Zaide ossia il Serraglio” to the Carnival of the Fenice 1982, commissioned by Italo Gomez as artistic director, a triumph of Mozart’s Turcherie and the like that remained historic, and here Graham Vick and Lorenzo Arruga met, who presented numerous of his shows here . Vick continued his path as promoter of “Zaide” until bringing it, with Daniele Gatti, to the current staging at the Rome Opera; Arruga kept it in his heart, and produced it in 1994, when Councilor Philip Daverio, who wanted to give life and art back to the Milanese suburbs, became enthusiastic about his project of representing it at Villa Arconati in Bollate. Italian translation by Arruga (of the remaining parts), text by Calvino read by Arruga narrator and director, film contributions (inside and in the park of Villa Arconati) by Giancarlo Cabella, with singers or mimes who live – without sound – the action hypothesized by Calvin.
There was a second Arruga-Zaide meeting, the following year, 1995, for the new presentation of “Zaide” at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Teatro della Pergola, 17 June) with new music by Luciano Berio. Which does not restore, but comments on the incompleteness with interventions before, during and after Mozart’s music. Berio asks for words, not to be pronounced, but to be evoked, and Arruga finds them for him, written and erased on sight, saved, by people on a transparent stage wall, until he sets a basic text, of memory stratification.

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