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Trompe la mort (Francesconi) Paris 2017 Naouri Fuchs Dubois Komlósi Uria-Monzon

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“I am the author, you will be the drama; if you don’t succeed, I’ll be whistled. ”
Trompe-la-Mort (Splendors and miseries of the courtesans, Honoré de Balzac)

For this world creation, Luca Francesconi takes on a tutelary figure from La Comédie humaine: Vautrin, alias Jacques Collin, alias Father Carlos Herrera, alias… Trompe ‑ la ‑ Mort. Impressive masked character, Trompe-la-mort is revealed both through latent, intangible energies, and in dramas with tragic twists and turns. Ambivalent character with royal familiarity and maternal eagerness, cruel and amorous, rapacious and capable of taming madmen, this “Machiavelli of the penal colony” who will end up chief of the police, uses his conquests to serve a brilliant goal while “hiding his walk ”. Embracing events in order to lead them, disguising his means of achieving, Trompe-la-Mort pursues an implacable enterprise of subversion of social and economic strata. Still, he remains terribly devoted to those he elects. Directed by Guy Cassiers for his first collaboration with the Paris Opera, this painting of a society on three permeable levels takes up in its own way the question posed by Balzac: “Isn’t the world a theater?” The Third Below is the last cellar under the planks of the Opera, to conceal the machines, the stagehands, the ramp, the apparitions, the blue devils vomited by hell, etc. “

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