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FULL The Victory of the Revolution is in Sight North Korea 2018

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The story involves a young Korean woman serving in the army during the anti-Japanese rebellion (c. 1935). She’s pulled away from her daughter to serve the homeland (teary and sentimental scenes and singing), welcomed by her cheerful and determined comrades in the army unit (rousing patriotic singing), captured by the Japanese (sad singing). She’s tortured, her eyes are gouged out, but she won’t divulge the location of Revolutionary HQ. She drags herself across the snowy plains and returns to her village, where she’s greeted with joy and relief by the villagers (teary and sentimental singing followed by rousing, patriotic singing). She stands atop a hill and shouts ‘I may be blind, but I can see the victory of the Revolution!’ Cheers! It’s a true story if you believe the Koreans, and I’m willing to believe the germ of it is. Western opera narratives rest on similarly shaky foundations .
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