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FULL THE DISAPPEARANCE OF AVA MORGAN Scenes (Dâryuš Makâni, Marie Johnson) San Francisco CA 2024

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Dâryuš Makâni - Composer  
  • Date Published: 2024  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: yessubs, ensubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

The Disappearance of Ava Morgan is an all-new English-language opera about murder, justice, and a woman caught in the middle of a war between humanity and machines. We meet our protagonist, Morgan, on Noxia, a remote, icey island with no connection to any mainland.


We are introduced to the inhabitants of the island, villagers who subsist off the land and sea. They worship their religious idol, the Axe, which they believe is an all-knowing power. They desire to stay in its favor because of its ability to determine who is guilty of crimes and murders.

As the women leave to tend to the crops, the men load their fishing boats. Here we meet our protagonist, Morgan, who assists them and sees them off. As the boat drifts off to sea, she stands by the docks and wonders about her purpose. She dreams of visiting a far away land filled with “nothings” and “no ones” where she can stay “for never and never.” The cruel irony of this negative world eventually is too much to bear, and she concludes by imagining herself becoming so small and insignificant to the world around her that she fades away entirely.
Noticing she is alone, Morgan’s friend Lyra approaches, and the two talk about various things, such as Lyra’s new occupation in the nursery, the day’s festival, and Lyra’s fiance, Victor, the self-appointed policeman of the town.

Done with their labor, the men and women return to the town, singing a joyous tune about their bountiful catch and harvest. As the people gather for the festival, the town priest reminds everyone that the celebration is commemorating 20 years of peace. He then warns them that murders and criminals are always hiding in plain sight, and that all must stay loyal to the Axe, their holy protector. Feeling something is off, Morgan quietly leaves the festival, but Lyra notices. Victor asks her what is wrong, and after she says she’s worried about Morgan, he scoffs, saying that Morgan is a foreigner and not really part of the town. The two argue and when Lyra tries to leave, Victor forcefully restrains her. Only when their conflict draws the attention of the festival-goers does he let go, but he resolves himself to go after her.


Morgan wanders alone in the forest by the sea, when she is suddenly pulled into an abandoned barn by a mysterious figure. The person reveals himself to be Peter, one of the fishermen from the town. Peter frantically explains to Morgan that she has powers beyond her understanding and that to unveil them, she must kill him. When she resists, he hands her a dagger and the two of them duel until Peter is fatally stabbed.

Right then, time freezes, and Peter stands suspended. Morgan’s mind is flooded with strange sounds and memories, and she feels as if she is breathing for the first time. The brief vision ends, and Peter’s body falls onto the ground. She hastily hides the body behind a pile of hay, and removes the murder weapon. She exits the barn, forgetting Peter’s dagger on the floor.

Still in a daze, she heads to the ocean to dispose of the dagger. As she is doing so, she hears Victor calling out for Lyra. When he sees Morgan, he accuses her of trying to steal Lyra away from him.
Lyra is trying to hide from Victor, and notices the door of the abandoned barn is open. Finally feeling safe, she cries over her hatred for Victor’s love and wishes she could escape his grasp. The stray dagger on the ground draws her attention to a trail of blood leading to Peter’s body. Upon finding it, she screams and rushes back to the town to alert the priest.

To be continued…

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