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LE ROI D’YS (Lalo) Le miroir a trois faces TV-Series France 1966 Monique de Pondeau, Berthe Monmart, Henri Legay

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  • Date Published: 1966  
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On the rocks of Pointe du Raz, a guide tells a young woman the story of the City of Ys, a famous Breton legend, which inspired an opera by Edouard Lalo. An excerpt from the opera, a ballet and dramatic scenes follow one another to tell the legend.
The textual introduction is taken from Memories of Childhood and Youth by Ernest Renan. The dramatic version (original dialogues by Arno-Charles Brun) is played by Serge Maillat, Anna Gael, Bérangère Dautun and Michel Nastorg. The lyrical version is performed by Monique de Pondeau, Berthe Monmart and Henri Legay. Michel Rayne’s choreographic version is performed by the comic opera ballet.

Le Roi d’Ys is an opera in three acts and five scenes by Édouard Lalo , composed to a libretto by Édouard Blau (1836-1906). Thanks to its legendary inspiration, it can be associated with the genre of fairy opera .

The libretto is taken from the Breton legend of the town of Ys , capital of the kingdom of Cornouaille , which is said to have been submerged off the coast of Douarnenez .

The action takes place during the Middle Ages in the town of Ys located on the Breton coast .

Act I
Margared, the daughter of the king of Ys, is in love with Mylio, but promised to the prince of Karnarc in order to seal the friendship of the two peoples. Pressed by her sister Rozenn, she admits that her heart is taken but without revealing the name of the chosen one. Mylio, the childhood friend of the two sisters, returns from a long trip and confesses his love to Rozenn. Margared, who has just learned of Mylio’s return, refuses to marry Karnarc. The latter challenges Mylio.

Act II
Margared learns of the feeling that unites Rozenn and Mylio. Drunk with rage, she curses the two lovers (recitative and aria by Margared). Mylio’s army defeated Karnarc’s. He is celebrated on his return by the inhabitants of Ys. Margared suggests that Karnarc take revenge by opening the locks that protect the city from the waters. The statue of Saint Corentin begs them not to do anything.

As we celebrate Mylio’s wedding with Rozenn (recitative with choir and aria by Mylio), water rushes into the streets. Mylio kills Karnark. Margared, consumed with regret and remorse, tries to join the crowd who have taken refuge on dry land and throws herself into the sea, after having publicly admitted her crime. Saint Corentin appears, the ocean calms his fury. The islanders pray for Margared’s salvation.

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