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FULL Die Rose von Stambul (Leo Fall) Istanbul 1989 Payam Koryak, Süha Yıldız, Müjgan Özcay

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The Rose of Stambul is an operetta in three acts by Leo Fall . The libretto was written by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald . The work belongs to the Silver Operetta Era and had its premiere on December 2 , 1916 at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna.

The first two acts take place in Constantinople (Turkey) and the third act takes place in a hotel lobby in Switzerland before 1914.

Achmed Bey is an enlightened young Turk and very western-minded. His head is full of plans for how the Turkish social order could be reformed. However, because his father is a respected minister of state, he does not dare publish his ideas under his real name. Thanks to his literary talent and good knowledge of the French language, he came up with the idea of ​​writing an exciting novel and expressing his thoughts in it. As an author he uses the pseudonym “André Léry”. The book quickly became a bestseller and was particularly well received by modern Turkish women.

Kamek Pasha is one of the most respected Turks and is still deeply rooted in the Ottoman family tradition. His daughter Kondja Gül is completely different. With her, André Léry’s almost revolutionary ideas found fertile ground. An extensive correspondence develops between the two, in which they learn to appreciate each other more and more.

Kondja Gül was still a child when her father chose her to become Achmed Bey’s wife. Now that she is of marriageable age, the wedding will take place soon. Kondja is deeply saddened by this; but she knows that it is pointless to rebel against this tradition. She is also not allowed to see her future husband before the wedding. Even when they get engaged, the couple is only allowed to talk behind a screen. Achmed knows who his bride is. He is also genuinely in love with her, but he doesn’t tell her that he is also “André Léry”.

The wedding night is full of scandal: Kondja Gül confesses to her husband that she only married him because of family tradition. But she feels nothing for him. Her true love belongs to the French writer André Léry. When Achmed confesses to her that he is the author himself, she doesn’t believe a word he says.

The next day, Kondja Gül sets off for Switzerland after hearing from her husband on her wedding night that André Léry was supposed to be there. When she asked at the hotel reception about the writer, she found out that they were expecting a Léry couple . This news almost breaks her heart. As soon as she arrived, she wanted to leave again. Suddenly she sees her husband Achmed coming towards her. Now the scales fall from her eyes: her husband and the French poet are one and the same person.

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