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FULL Fidelio Bogota 1986 Robinson Orth Slabbert Jimenez

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  1. This was a live television broadcast of the REVIVAL of Fidelio in 1986. I conducted, but the Florestan was Norbert Orth, not Robert Ilosfalvy (who sang the premiere in 1982). Other soloists were Vicus Slabbert (Pizarro), Ulrich Hielscher (Rocco) and Francisco Vergara (Fernando). The stage director was Peter Rasky, the orchestra the Orquesta Sinfónica de Colombia with the Coro Nacional de Colcultura. It was the final official engagement of the outgoing President of Colombia, Belisario Betancur, who you can see during the overture sitting in a box. I conducted a further production of Fidelio in the Teatro Colón, Bogotá, in September 2016, with Claudia Iten, Deniz Yilmaz and Robert Bork, directed by Alejandro Chacon. Hilary Griffiths


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