How to Search and Find on Opera on Video

Opera on Video has grown greatly and provides you with a great number of opera performances and huge amount of information.
This is great!
But it may become more difficult to find quickly exactly what you are looking for.
NOW we are improving the SEARCH facility even further, to allow you to find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

The new features are:

—>Quick Search checkbox:
Search only the title for staged operas, excluding concerts, playlists, documentaries, blogs and similar
Enter your query terms, tick the checkbox, hit Search and voila magic happens

—>added query syntax to search in specific database fields

Here is a more detailed documentation of the Opera on Video Search facility


On Opera on Video there are three different Search facilities:
1. General Search
2. Advanced Search
3. Intelligent Search powered by Google

These are accessible on each page in the right sidebar.


This is the Search which is most easily and most often used.
Just enter your query terms in the search box and press Search.
It will search for your query terms in all content/fields in all posts.
The search is case insensitive.
When you enter multiple words, all words have to be found in a post to get a hit.
This is called AND condition. There is no possibility of an OR condition.
This may give you not exactly the result you are looking for but far too many results.

It is therefore important that you optimize your query input.
For example:
If you search for “Barbiere” you will get results for both Rossini’s and Paisiello’s Barbiere.
You should therefore search for “Barbiere Rossini”
If you search for “Aida” you will get results for both Verdi’s opera and Aida Garifullina.
You should therefore search for “Aida Verdi”

There are special keywords to use:

FULLOPERA will only give you results for performances for which you can view a full video freely.

STAGED will give you posts labeled as staged performances

Under “Information about the Recording” there is a field “subtitles” (not always).
It contains one or several codes as follows:
nosubs No subtitles available
yessubs Subtitles available
ensubs English subtitles
desubs German subtitles
frsubs French subtitles
itsubs Italian subtitles
essubs Spanish subtitles
jpsubs Japanese subtitles
cnsubs Chinese subtitles
rusubs Russian subtitles
othersubs Subtitles in other languages
gensubs Subtitles automatically generated by YouTube
multsubs Subtitles can be translated to many languages by YouTube

Enter one or several of these keywords in your query.
Example: Tosca Kaufmann ensubs FULLOPERA

There are SPECIAL QUERY SYNTAX features you can use:
NOT will exclude certain results
Example: “Kaufmann Tosca NOT Vienna” will give you all performances of Tosca with Kaufmann but none from Vienna.

You can restrict your search to certain database fields:
The syntax for this is {field:queryterm}
For example {title:Pelleas}

You can use the following FIELD NAMES:
title, operatitle,composer, libretto, venue,recorded,type,singers,conductor,

These fields are the same you see when you look on a performance page online.

You can limit your search to a certain CATEGORY by including the category in your query.
Available categories are:
documentaries, interviews, movies, playlists
Example: Hvorostovsky interviews


Click on the link below the Search Box
Advanced Search provides you the facility to search in specific field(s) to improve the result.For example: If you search for Pavarotti in the standard search (to the right) the result willalso include performances from the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti Modena.
The Advanced Search is not fast but very convenient for certain precise searches.
Enter one search term in a field. You can enter in multiple fields.
For example you can search for singer:Domingo, conductor:Abbado

INTELLIGENT SEARCH powered by Google

Click on the link below the Search Box.
Intelligent Search performs a Google Search of the Opera on Video website.
It uses all the Google Intelligence to create optimal results.
Google Search syntax rules apply



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