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FULL Otello London 2017 Kaufmann Agresta

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Sony  
  • TV Director: Jonathan Haswell  
  • Date Published: 2017  
  • Format: DVD & BD
  • Quality Video: 5 Audio:5
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: AMAZON     #ad   Amazon product Get this Recording
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  1. Hubo críticas muy duras contra esta versión,.pero la puesta es bella en general. La escena de las muertes es errónea, Por la cantidad de sangre parece de Tarantino. Agresta es muy vieja para el papel, Desdémona es joven y rubia. Kaufmann ha estado mejor. Iago exagera y falla en el “Credo” que es el punto fuerte del barítono. Recuerdo como mejor versión la de Plácido Domingo, pero no creo haber perdido 3 horas.. .

    1. Sorry Yarra you should understand that his is a version of “Otello” and details vary from version to version. The music and lyrics must remain as Verdi and Boito wrote them, the rest is negotiable.. Kaufmann was never better, his dark voice is unique and no actor can play an “Otello”, of this incredible quality, including Plácido. Watch it again, not comparing with previous versions by analyzing what you see. And those tough critics you mention knew very little of opera. Thank you for your opinions.

  2. As ALWAYS on Opera on Video:
    Multi-part videos are available from the FULL VIDEO Button OR/AND the MORE VIDEO FILES!

  3. Magnificent! And to top it off I never thought a tenor could be such a superb actor: Kaufmann was born to sing Otello!

  4. Too bad he is German and wastes lots of time with Wagner. Viva Verdi! anytime anyway Herr Kaufmann…

  5. Is it possible to play a machista with an inferiority complex singing like an Archangel? It is: Kaufmann does it.

  6. I became addicted to this “Otello”. I tried Rossini’s and nothing doing, I can’t even imagine this cast playing Rossini’s!

  7. Kaufmann’s advise to his peers is to use their ammo well and get whole to the end of the 2nd. act.
    Let’s hear the rest now.

  8. Right! He let it all out in 3rd and 4th! He WAS Otello. Excellent Agresta in 4th. I absolutely love this production.

  9. Otello’s last scene: Vickers vs. Kaufmann considering voice, singing, technique, acting. I vote for Kaufmann, (A+ to B-.)

  10. One has never enough of “Otello” 2017 with wonderful Kaufmann playing Otello. Please Tenor, do 2017 again.

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