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FULL Occasional Oratorio (Handel) Munich 2017 Doyle Johnson Harvey

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: BR Klassik  
  • Date Published: 2017  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: BR Klassik     FULL VIDEO

Act 1
0:00 Overture Part 1: Grave
2:36 Overture Part 2: Allegro
5:17 Overture Part 3: Adagio
7:50 Overture Part 4: Marche
9:16 Arioso: Why do the gentiles tumult? (bass)
11:31 Chorus: Let us break off by strength of hand
13:34 Aria: O Lord, how many are my foes! (tenor)
17:45 Chorus: Him or his God we not fear!
18:32 Aria: Jehovah, to my words give ear (tenor)
24:26 Chorus: Him or his God we scorn to fear!
25:12 Recitativo: The Highest who in Heaven doth dwell (bass)
25:50 Aria: O, who shall pour into my swollen eyes (soprano)
27:55 Aria: Fly from the threat’ning vengeance, fly! (soprano)
34:07 Accompagnato: Humbled with fear (bass)
35:07 Aria: His sceptre is the rod of righteousness (bass)
41:38 Aria: Be wise, be wise at length (soprano)
44:32 Chorus: Be wise, be wise at length
48:43 Recitative: Of many millions the populous rout (tenor)
49:05 Aria: Jehovah is my shield, my glory (tenor)
54:51 Recitative: Fools or madmen stand not within (bass)
55:20 Chorus: God found them guilty
58:39 Act 2
59:11 Aria: O liberty, thou choicest treasure (soprano)
1:01:39 Recitative: Who trusts in God should ne’er despair (soprano)
1:02:00 Aria: Prophetic visions strike my eye (soprano)
1:09:58 Chorus with solo: May God, from whom all mercies (alto)
1:13:18 Recitative: The Lord hath heard my pray’r (tenor)
1:13:49 Aria: Then will I Jehovah’s praise (tenor)
1:16:19 Chorus: All his mercies shall endure
1:18:14 Aria: How great and many perils do enfold (soprano)
1:21:11 Duet: After long storms and tempests overblown (soprano/alto)
1:28:38 Aria and Chorus: To God, our strength, sing loud (bass)
1:35:30 Aria: He has his mansion fix’d on high (tenor)
1:38:45 Chorus: Hallelujah, your voices raise
1:43:53 Act 3
1:44:23 Symphony Part 1: A tempo giusto (Кончерто Гроссо op.6 №1 часть 1)
1:46:14 Symphony Part 2: Musette
1:51:22 Chorus: I will sing unto the Lord
Aria: Thou shalt bring them in (alto) пропущена
1:53:53 Chorus: Who is like unto thee, O Lord?
1:57:09 Aria: When warlike ensigns wave on high (soprano)
2:02:06 Recitative: The enemy said, I will pursue (tenor)
2:02:30 Aria: The eney said, I will pursue (tenor)
2:05:00 Aria: The sword that’s drawn in virtue’s cause (bass)
2:07:56 Chorus: Millions unborn shall bless the hand
2:09:03 Recitative: When Israel, like the bounteous Nile (soprano)
2:09:35 Aria: When Israel, like the bounteous Nile (soprano)
2:12:18 Aria: Tyrants, whom no cov’nants bind (tenor)
2:16:02 Accompagnato: May balmy peace, and wreath’d renown (soprano)
2:16:41 Aria: May balmy peace, and wreath’d renown (soprano)
2:19:32 Chorus: Blessed are all they that fear the Lord =Coronation Anthem No1 HWV 258.

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