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FULL Music of Our Time Moscow 2022 Abayan Sharovarova Ferzba Vlasova Koneva Nadezhdina Durseneva Nor

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Irina Manukyan
0:03:20 – Chamber cantata in the old style (on the 300th anniversary of J.S. Bach)
07:17 – Tears
Performed by Anna Abayan (soprano), Polina Sharovarova (mezzo-soprano)

Sofia Gubaidulina
0:14:10 “Phacelia” Vocal-Symphonic Cycle (lyr. by Mikhail Prishvin)
Performed by: Ekaterina Ferzba (soprano)

Georges Aperghis
0:21:00 – Number 13 from the cycle “Recitation” / Recitation No.13 for Soprano
Performed by Olga Vlasova, soprano

Svyatoslav Ovodov
0:25:15 – Cold Wind Songs

John Adams
0:37:14 – Kitty Oppenheimer’s aria from Doctor Atom / Kitty’s aria “Am I in your Light?” from “Doctor Atomic”
Performed by: Polina Sharovarova (mezzo-soprano)

Valery Gavrilin
0:45:21 – “The city is sleeping” (verses by A. A. Shulgina)
0:49:55 – Eduard Artemyev / Eduard Artemyev
“Where are you, dream” (verses by N. P. Konchalovskaya) from the movie “Slave of Love”
Arrangements for vocal trio – Olga Nadezhdina
Performed by the Vocal Trio “Melody” consisting of: Svetlana Polianskaya (soprano), Alexandra Koneva (soprano), Olga Nadezhdina (contralto, piano)

Alexander Naoumenko “Ave Maria”
1:00:17 – “Ave Maria”
1:02:55 – “Domine Deus”
1:06:25 – “Prayer” (verses by M. Rossi) / “Prayer”
Performed by Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexandra Durseneva (mezzo-soprano)

Ioseb Bardanashvili
1:11:36 – “Psalm 22”
Performed by Mikhail Nor (tenor)

Luciano Berio
1:17:15 – “Sequenza III” – Olga Vlasova

Alexander Rozenblat
1:29:35 – “Ave Maria”
Performed by: Anna Abayan (soprano)

Evgeny Vyacheslavovich Klyuev
1:35:45 – “Meditation” / “Meditation”
1:37:50 – “Scherzo” / “Scherzo”
1:40:30 – “Farewell forbidding sadness” (from the cycle “Three choirs to the words of John Donne” translated by Boris Tomashevsky)

Performed by the Choir of students of the GMPI. MM. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Head – Elena Bessonova
Director – Elena Bessonova

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