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FULL Manuela y Bolivar (Luzuriaga) Quito 2009 Albuja Cassís Ramos Argotti

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The libretto begins in the days before the Battle of Pichincha on May 24, 1822 and ends with the death of Manuela Sáenz , known as La Libertadora del Libertador , in 1856 in Paita. The work has a rather eclectic form and contains recited passages and musical numbers of various bills, among them are modern operatic numbers; of a more popular character close to the zarzuela; and also own forms of the cantata.

The work, which lasts two hours, refers to Latin American rhythms such as a typical Ecuadorian air, a Peruvian zamacueca or a Venezuelan merengue. It is a musical style that combines the romantic and the heroic.


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