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FULL LILITH (Dimitar Bodurov) Varna 2016 Claron McFadden

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“LILITH” is based on the Kabbala myth of Adam and Lilith.
In the lounge bar of the Hôtel du Paradis we meet a man who tells us about his lost love. A woman then arrives who starts to talk about her failed relationship. Slowly it appears that he is Adam and she is Lilith, Adam’s first wife according to Kabbala, where God created them equally from clay. But Adam saw her as his inferior, and insisted that she be beneath him, both literally and figuratively. She refused, and fled the garden of Eden to roam in the sea. Adam complained to God, and asked him for a more docile partner, and thus Eve was created from his rib.
Adam and Lilith recount their tragic love story, ending in a dramatic finale.

With Lilith, opera singer Claron McFadden stages an emotionally charged music-theatre performance, combining classical music, jazz, electronica, acting, film and poetry to ask some fundamental questions about the relationship between man and woman, and between man and God.

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