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FULL LAST CALL (Michael Pelzel) Zurich 2019 Johnny Christinam Daletska, Annette Schönmüller, Ruben Drole

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Ruth Stofer  
  • Date Published: 2020  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: Vimeo     FULL VIDEO

Sometime in the future. Machines no longer obey people, media communication has taken on a life of its own. Media overkill is imminent – the original chips are rebelling, the multi-megabit wave is about to sweep everyone and everything away. If something doesn’t happen soon, humanity will have no future.

In a kind of talk show, four candidates present their visions for saving the world. The audience should vote: the proposal that receives the most votes will be implemented. The emcee Harald Gottwitz presents the candidates: Dr. Karitzoklex, who advocates covering the Earth with fog and stopping the Earth’s rotation; Professor Hahnemann, who proposes evacuating humanity to the Earth-like planet Elpisonia by means of dehydration and desalting until the Earth has recovered from the communication floods; the activist Tarantino Muff, who believes that only “total anthropofugism” can save the earth – meaning that humanity will be destroyed and the earth will be left to plants and animals; and finally the influencer Trendy-Sandy-Mandy, who wants to save the world with a great party in space.

Even before the talk show is over, the feared multi-megabit wave breaks in. Everything threatens to descend into chaos and tumult. The spaceships are hectically boarded towards Elpisonia.

But a man – Johnny – and a woman – Sulamite – are accidentally left behind. They are now the last people on earth. Will they find their way back to a new – old – way of communication? Will they stay? How will they even be able to survive on the deserted earth? Or will one of the spaceships turn around and take them to Elpisonia

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