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FULL LAS GOLONDRINAS (Usandizaga) Bilbao 2015 Alberto Arrabal, Elisa Díaz, Judit Martínez, Mikel Zabala, Xabier Anduaga

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  • Date Published: 2016  
  • Format: Broadcast
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  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

Las Golondrinas is the title of a zarzuela in three acts, with a libretto by María Lejárraga (written under the pseudonym of her husband, Gregorio Martínez Sierra ) and music by maestro José María Usandizaga. It premiered on February 5 , 1914 at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid , and was one of the greatest successes of both the composer and the Martínez Sierra couple. Shortly after the death of the composer Usandizaga, the zarzuela was revived as an opera thanks to the musical arrangements of his brother, Ramón Usandizaga.

Las Golondrinas is the drama of a circus company that tries to survive the hard life of the show. Puck, leader of the troupe , is in a romantic relationship with Cecilia, who aspires for more and dreams of leaving the circus in order to change her life. On the other hand, the innocent Lina slowly realizes that she has been in love with Puck all this time.

Act one
The circus company is preparing for tonight’s show. Everything is joyful, except for the disputes and fights between Puck and Cecilia. Although Puck claims to be madly in love with Cecilia, she decides to leave, following her ambition, in search of a better life. In a final conversation with Lina, the young girl realizes that she has been in love with Puck all this time.

Second act
Disgusted by Cecilia’s escape, Puck decides to get together with Lina. The company is extremely successful thanks to the pantomimes that Puck writes and Lina performs. Lina is still in love with Puck and doesn’t dare tell him. Cecilia appears again when she is coincidentally hired by the same circus where they perform.

Third act
Puck meets Cecilia and follows her without hesitation, despite Lina’s refusal. Puck once again confesses his love for Cecilia, and she disdainfully admits that she loves another man. Consumed by jealousy and rage, Puck murders Cecilia. After this, he returns to confess his murder to Lina, and she, far from hating him, confesses her love for him. However, it is too late as the clown ends up being imprisoned, and Lina is left alone.

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