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FULL La Boda de Luis Alonso (Gimenez) Sevilla 2020 Compañía Sevillana de Zarzuela

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: CiaSevillanaZarzuela  
  • Date Published: 2020  
  • Format: Streaming
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  • Subtitles: yessubs, essubs, gensubs  
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The action takes place in Cádiz in the middle of the 19th century. Luis Alonso, a renowned dance teacher in his fifties, is going to marry María Jesús, a pretty girl much younger than him. Her age difference worries the teacher but he agrees to marry her given the girl’s virtue.
Chano and Picúa, the parents of María Jesús, see in Luis Alonso an excellent match that will allow them to cover up some little things and, above all, get rid of Gabrié, María Jesús’s old boyfriend who the fans don’t like at all.
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The wedding has already taken place and Gabrié gives up María Jesús for lost, but decides to ruin their invitation. The party after the wedding will be held at the same time as the running of the bulls. The guests await the passage of the bulls and Mr. Paco, best man at the wedding, flaunts his knowledge and bullfighting skills… while the bulls are out of sight. Grabié violently bursts onto the scene announcing that the bulls have run wild and are running wild everywhere, goring left and right, regardless of age, sex or condition. The guests flee in terror in all directions and Luis Alonso himself runs away, abandoning María Jesús to his fate. Circumstance that Grabié takes advantage of to reproach the bride for her conduct and forgets her. Restored calm, all the guests return to their respective places except Luis Alonso, who has suffered a severe blow in his spectacular escape and re-enters the scene helped by Picúa. The accident is not serious, but the place of the injuries does not seem to augur a very suitable wedding night for the couple.

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