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FULL La Barca di Venetia per Padova (Banchieri) Cagliari 2021

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Quote Adriano Banchieri:

Barca di Venetia per Padova was first printed in Venice, in 1605, by Ricciardo Amadino and it is the 7th profane music anthology by Adriano Banchieri, an Olivetan monk of S. Michele in Bosco monastery in Bologna, one of the better-known composers and music theorists of the early 17th century. Among the works of his which are usually defined as madrigal comedies, Barca stands out for its rich and complex narrative frame, enclosing the musical pieces.

Music gives voice to the most extraordinary and vivacious group of characters on an imaginary river cruise from Venice to Padua, the two principal centres of the Venetian Republic. Banchieri sets the story on a Burchiello, a typical Venetian barge that cruised among the Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera, from Venice to Padua or the other way round, carrying every kind of passengers: merchants, courtesans, students, Jews, foreigners. Of such a variety of personas Banchieri offers a vivid musical representation, expressed in the most different ways. He uses dialogue sections, where each vocal line brings to life a different character, elaborated madrigals, imitating his well-known fellow composers,  duets for young lovers, burlesque airs spaced out by onomatopoeic tunes reproducing a lute.

Such a complex musical and dramaturgical structure proves Banchieri’s refined counterpoint ability, while mastering both the low popular style in typical scenes from Commedia dell’arte, and the polished techniques of Renaissance polyphony. The second edition of this work, in 1623, with slight variations in some madrigals and the addition of the basso continuo part, to be played ‘per lo spinetto o chitarrone’ is an evidence of Banchieri’s own dedication to this work, as well as of the remarkable success of Barca’s first edition.”

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