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FULL Kashchey the Immortal (Rimsky-Korsakov) Moscow 2024 Maxim Sazhin, Ekaterina Chudotvorova, Evgeniy Lieberman, Evgenia Segenyuk

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  • Published by: Katharina Miraculous offiziell  
  • Date Published: 2024  
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Kashchey the Deathless (subtitle: A Little Autumn Fairy Tale) (Russian: Кащей бессмертный, romanized: Kashchéy bessmértny listenⓘ, also known as Kashchey the Immortal) is a one-act opera in three scenes by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The libretto was written by the composer, and is based on a Russian fairy tale about Koschei the Deathless, an evil, ugly old wizard, who menaced principally young women. Rimsky-Korsakov perceived it as ‘an autumn tale’ that is juxtaposed to his previous ‘spring tale’, The Snow Maiden. A similar fairy tale was also used by Igor Stravinsky (Rimsky-Korsakov’s pupil) and Michel Fokine to create their iconic ballet, The Firebird.

The opera was composed during 1901–1902 and the work was completed in 1902. It was first performed the same year in Moscow.

Time: Unspecified
Places: Kashchey’s Tsardom and Kashcheyevna’s domain in Thrice-Tenth Tsardom, a far off place (beyond the thrice-nine lands) in Russian folklore.
Scene 1
Kashchey’s realm

The beautiful Tsarevna Beloved Beauty (Russian: Царевна Ненаглядная Краса), imprisoned by the evil wizard Kashchey the Deathless in his gloomy kingdom, longs for her beloved groom Ivan-Korolevich. She is upset when she looks into Kashchey’s magic mirror and sees Ivan together with Kashcheyevna, the daughter of Kashchey. Kashchey is afraid that Ivan could discover the secret of his immortality and cause his death. He reveals that he hid his death in one of Kashcheyevna’s tears: if she ever cries, Kashchey will be able to die. Fortunately for Kashchey, Kashcheyevna is hard and cold. Kashchey breaks the mirror and sends the Burya-Bogatyr (Storm Knight) to Kashcheyevna to ask how safely she keeps his death.

Scene 2
Kashcheyevna’s domain

Kashcheyevna prepares a magic potion to lull the Prince to sleep and force him to forget his beautiful Princess. She also whets her sword, planning to kill Ivan while he sleeps. When Ivan-Korolevich enters, she gives him the potion and tries to seduce him. He falls asleep and Kashcheyevna tries to strike his head off, but cannot do it. Burya-Bogatyr suddenly appears, awakening Ivan and ending Kashcheyevna’s charm. Burya-Bogatyr also reveals that the Tsarevna is imprisoned in Kashchey’s kingdom and that Kashcheyevna has something to do with preserving Kashchey’s immortality. Ivan follows Burya-Bogatyr back to Kashchey’s kingdom.

Scene 3
Kashchey’s realm

The Tsarevna sings a lullaby to Kashchey. Ivan arrives and attempts to free the Tsarevna. Kashcheyevna arrives and pleads with Ivan to go with her instead, since he is the first man to awaken love in her heart. Moved to compassion, the Tsarevna kisses Kashcheyevna, who begins to cry. Invisible voices announce the death of Kashchey. Kashcheyevna is turned into a weeping willow. Burya-Bogatyr opens the gates to show the lovers the way out of the gloomy kingdom, and into the world of light, spring, and love.


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