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FULL Il Paese Dei Campanelli Rome 1996 Sandro Massimini, Renata Fusco, Luca Biagini, Robert Steiner, Sara Dilena

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Il paese dei campanelli is an operetta in three acts written by Carlo Lombardo with music by Lombardo and Virgilio Ranzato.
It was composed in 1923 and successfully staged on November 23 of that same year at the Teatro Lirico in Milan conducted by the composer with Lina Di Sambon, Dina Evarist, Piero Zacchetti, Riccardo Massucci and Carlo Rizzo.

At the Teatro La Fenice in Venice on 16 February 1924 the Primaria Compagnia d’operette Carlo Lombardo successfully staged the first performance directed by Domenico Lombardo with Lina Di Sambon and in 1927 the Compagnia dei Grandi Spettacoli d’Arte Operettistica with Ines Lidelba, Nella De Campi and Nuto Navarrini.

In 1940 the first performance took place in the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele I in Turin.

It is part of the Italian operetta repertoire and is also often represented on the billboards of the main theaters alongside the major operas.

The main characters of the operetta are the commander of the sailors, Hans, always intent on keeping the bungling attendant La Gaffe under control, the village mayor and his wife Pomerania (the ugliest woman in the village), the romantic Nela and the comely Bon Bon, Pomeranian friends.

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