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FULL ENDYMIO (Kopecky) Olomouc 2022 Jan Mikušek, Markéta Israel Večeřová, Juliana Synková

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Carl Thiemt  
  • Date Published: 2023  
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A neo-baroque opera based on an ancient myth about a handsome young man who is granted immortality by the gods.
The author of the libretto and the extant music was P. David Kopecký (1696-1758), regent of the Piaristic music seminar in Kroměříž.

“The opera Endymio with Latin text by the piarist P.David and S. Joanne Baptista – Jan Kopecký (1665 – 1758), who was also probably the author of the now lost music, was performed at the Kroměříž chateau in 1727. Kopecký translated into Latin a 30-year-old Italian libretto based on an antique myth about handsome young man who falls into eternal sleep and thus achieves everlasting youth. Artists therefore see Endymio as a symbol of timeless beauty.

I have shortened the original libretto by Jan Kopecký significantly for this new performance. The original three-hour performance was condensed into a single-act opera lasting approximately one hour. Most of the beautiful verses by Jan Kopecký therefore remain hidden in the archive in Kroměříž. The new open ending is another major modification to the original libretto. The original version concludes in a happy reconciliation. First, Amor is forced to repair all the damage he has done. Amor strikes the freed Aurilla with his arrow and she falls in love with Thyrsus. Amor´s arrow also strikes Endymio and he falls in love with Diana. In return, she cancels the law prohibiting love and all characters delight in the sweet joy of their newly found freedom.

However, someone tore out the last scene from the Kroměříž copy, as I found out as I compared it against the Italian version. This inspired me to create an open ending that highlights the message of the entire story.

The exalted relationship between Endymio and Dorinda remained an unanswered question. This seemingly scandalous relationship between the two lovers was not meant literally when the libretto was written and cannot be taken literally even now. Dorinda needs to be seen in view of baroque allegories as a symbol of childhood or youth, which will disappear one day and be gone forever. Endymio does not want to experience love and risk being hurt by the relationship. Instead, he chooses eternal dream, in which he can stay with his little dog. I see this version as fulfilment of the original depiction of beauty that cannot be destroyed by time.

I decided not to observe the historical production style according to which all roles, including female roles, would be sung by boys. However, Endymio is sung by male alto to refer to the androgynous world of castrates.”

Tomáš Hanzlík

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