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DON JUAN Le miroir a trois faces TV-Series France 1965 Gabriel Bacquier

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Tonight the mirror has four sides! To Molière’s classic Don Juan is added a “modern” Don Juan, written by Youri, notably with Jacques Higelin.
A lyrical version of Mozart’s opera and a choreographed version complete the program.

The modern Don Juan is played by Paul Cambo, Dominique Grange, Jacques Higelin and Jean-Claude Arnaud.
The classic Don Juan is performed by Jacques Dacqmine, Jean-Claude Arnaud, and Maria Tamar.
The operatic Don Juan (Don Giovanni) is sung by Gabriel Bacquier, Michèle Le Bris and Julien Giovanetti.
Finally Luis Viaz, Claude Tourneur, Janine Julien and Chantal Quarrez dance to music by Richard Strauss.

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