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FULL Arachne & Narcissus (Rebikov) Vladivostok 2016

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Vladimir Voronin, professor, head. Department of Solo Singing and Opera Training of the Far East State Institute of Fine Arts: “This opera has never been staged anywhere. Musicologists wonder where we got it from. And I found it in the archives of the Moscow Conservatory, in the music department.”

In Greek mythology, Arachne is a skilled weaver who challenged Athena herself and was turned into a spider in return. The libretto based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses was written by the composer himself exactly one hundred years ago. Rebikov’s musical experiments were incomprehensible to his contemporaries. But in the 21st century, his opera sounds like a real avant-garde.

Valeria Tikhonkikh, graduate of the Far East State Institute of Arts, laureate of an international competition: “Music is very psychological and expresses the speech intonations of a person. – So you understand why Rebikov was called a musical experimenter? “Yes, he gave out very realistic stories in a fantastic cover.”

The whole story in this opera begins with the tricks of an evil envious woman. The inventive beauty weaves a complex intrigue, inflaming Athena’s anger against a girl from the people. For Maria Khristoforova, a negative character is a whole range of emotions and not always comfortable melodies.

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