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FULL Anthology of Romances by Rachmaninov 3rd Concert St.Petersburg 2023

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Date Published: 2024  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio:3
  • Subtitles: yessubs, rusubs, gensubs  
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Anthology of romances by Sergei Rachmaninov
To the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth
Concert three
00:00:00 “Letter to K. S. Stanislavsky from S. Rachmaninov”, TN 56
Stepan Zavalishin (bass), Anastasia Tropina (piano)
00:04:16 Opening speech by the head of the department of accompanist skills, Professor Elena Aleksandrovna Spist
00:12:09 “Muse”, art. A. Pushkin, op. 34 No. 1
00:16:52 “Music”, art. J. Polonsky, op. 34 No. 8
00:19:46 “This day, I remember…”, art. F. Tyutchev, op. 34 No. 10
Mila Shkirtil (mezzo-soprano), Daniil Svidler (piano)
00:21:30 “In the soul of each of us…”, art. A. Korinfsky, op. 34 No. 2
00:24:01 “The Raising of Lazarus”, art. A. Khomyakova, op. 34 No. 6
soloist of the St. Petersburg Opera Theater Valery Kaula (bass)
Daria Abramchuk (piano)
00:26:34 “Migratory wind”, art. K. Balmont, op. 34 No. 4
00:29:39 “It can’t be!..”, art. A. Maykova, op. 34 No. 7
Svetlana Kineshova-Burovik (soprano), Leila Gamidova (piano)
00:31:32 “You knew him…”, art. F. Tyutchev, op. 34 No. 9
00:34:00 “Obrochnik”, art. A. Feta, op. 34 No. 11
Valery Kaula (bass), Daria Abramchuk (piano)
00:37:40 “Dissonance”, art. J. Polonsky, op. 34 No. 13
00:43:36 “Vocalise”, op. 34 No. 14
00:49:44 “What happiness…”, Art. A. Feta, op. 34 No. 12
Anna-Maria Konovalova (soprano), Igor Roshchupkin (piano)
00:52:16 “From the Gospel of John”, Ch. XV, verse 13
Valery Kaula (bass), Daria Abramchuk (piano)
“At night in my garden…”, v. A. Isahakyan, trans. from Armenian by A. Blok, op. 38 No. 1
00:55:29 “To her”, art. A. Bely, op. 38 No. 2
00:58:05 “Daisies”, art. I. Severyanin, op. 38 No. 3
01:00:28 “The Pied Piper”, art. V. Bryusova, op. 38 No. 4
01:03:43 “Dream”, art. F. Sologuba, op. 38 No. 5
01:07:01 “Aw!”, art. K. Balmont, op. 38 No. 6
soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Ekaterina Shimanovich (soprano)
Alexander Aberdeen (piano)

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