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FULL Anniversary concert of Maxim Dunaevsky Ufa 2021 Esther Kandinova

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Maxim Dunaevsky is a famous Soviet and Russian composer, People’s Artist of Russia. More than one generation knows his works in our country by heart. Dunaevsky’s work is known to every lover of Russian cinema: “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, “Carnival”, “Flying Ship”, “Three Musketeers” cannot be imagined without his music.

At the evening dedicated to the anniversary of the author, the popularly loved works of Maxim Dunaevsky, as well as the works of his legendary father, Isaac Dunaevsky, will be performed. The program of the concert – “Call for love is not necessary”, “Waltz Silence”, “Spring is Coming”, “Moon Waltz”, “Wind of Change”, Stella’s arioso from the operetta “Free Wind”, duet of Nina and Nikolai from “Golden Valley”, “Lady Perfection”, “Everything Will Pass”, “Ah, This Evening” and many other works, which will be performed with the accompaniment of the orchestra of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater under the direction of the Maestro himself.

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