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FULL ACQUA CHETA (Pietri) TV-Operetta Italy 1958 Odoardo Spadaro, Gino Baldi, Sandra Ballinari, Elvio Calderoni, Cesarina Cecconi

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: RAI  
  • Date Published: 1958  
  • Format: Broadcast
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio:3
  • Subtitles: yessubs, itsubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

Quote from Wikipedia:
ACQUA CHETA is a comedy in Florentine by Augusto Novelli . It was performed for the first time at the Teatro Alfieri in Florence on 29 January 1908 by the Florentine Theater Company, directed by Andrea Niccoli .

The action takes place in Florence, in the San Niccolò district, at the beginning of the 20th century .

Act I
Anita, Ida and Cecco discuss their tastes in entertainment. Rosa enters and complains about the slowness of Cecco’s work, who is preparing a chest of drawers for a room to rent. Rosa suspects that Cecco is interested in Anita, and for the same reason the two girls tease each other.

When Ulysses arrives, he is made aware of the suspicion, which Cecco himself then confirms by also showing a letter from Anita in which she reciprocates Cecco’s feelings. Rosa is against it because she claims that Cecco is a socialist, while Ulysses tries to wash his hands of the matter.

Alfredo arrives, wanting to rent the room: everyone is perplexed because he is too young, and it doesn’t seem good that he lives in a house with two girls. Alfredo goes to see the room and agrees to rent it; he then proves to be very kind to Ida, who has quarreled with Ulysses because she inadvertently let the mare bite her father’s tuba, offering the latter her own tuba so as not to make the girl cry anymore.

Anita, who had gone out on errands, returns and reveals a secret to Cecco: Alfredo has been in love with Ida for months. He would like to tell her parents about it, but Cecco suggests that she take advantage of the situation to convince Rosa to accept their union.

The act closes with Ida desperate for having broken a mirror.

Act II
In the garden, Alfredo reads the story of Paolo and Francesca from Dante’s Divine Comedy to Rosa and her two daughters. At the end, Rosa, Ida and Alfredo go out for an ice cream, while Anita remains annoyed to think about how Rosa has taken a liking to Alfredo, whose job it is not even known, while she still does not accept Cecco.

Cecco arrives shortly after singing a serenade for Anita, accompanying himself with a guitar. Tired of Rosa’s attitude too, he suggests Anita run away with him, but he hears Ulysses arriving. In order not to be found alone with Anita, Cecco climbs the fig tree in the garden, forgetting his guitar. Ulysses decides to eat some figs, and would like to climb a tree to pick one: Anita tries to distract him because she’s afraid he’ll discover Cecco, but Ulysses, amazed, notices the guitar.

Rosa and the others return. Rosa, to Anita’s disappointment, recognizes Cecco’s guitar who, from the tree, drops figs on Rosa and Alfredo, who think they fell on their own. When everyone leaves, Cecco understands from a dialogue between Ida and Alfredo that they are planning an escape by train.

After listening to some bickering between Ulisse, Rosa and Ida, Cecco descends from the fig tree and organizes, with the help of the stable boy Stinchi, a trap for Ida and Alfredo: the carriage that is supposed to take them to the station will instead take them to the police headquarters.

Ida and Alfredo have disappeared and Rosa is desperate. Ulysses turned to the lawyer Asdrubale to denounce the kidnapper. The news spread and even a reporter appeared, Bigatti, who worked for the Fieramosca newspaper . Alfredo had posed as a reporter of the same newspaper, so the deception is discovered.

In the general confusion, with Bigatti continuing to write down every detail, Cecco appears, announcing that he has foiled the escape. Ida, who thought she was far away, has been handed back to Anita and is in her own house, while Alfredo has been kept in Cecco’s house.

Stinchi brings Alfredo back, who asks Rosa’s forgiveness and confesses that he is about to start a job that he kept secret because he thought the family didn’t like it: he will be a municipal guard. Rosa agrees to the union between Ida, who has reappeared weeping, and Alfredo, if the latter returns after six months of honest work.

The guitar is returned to Cecco, and his union with Anita is sanctioned by Ulysses, who in the general joy throws the two young men into each other’s arms.

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