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FULL Theodora New York 2022 Marie-Eve Munger, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Daniela Mack

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Trinity Church Wall Street  
  • Date Published: 2022  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

00:37 – Overture
3:52 – ’Tis Dioclesian’s natal day (Valens)
4:41 – ‘And draw a blessing down’ (Chorus of Heathens)
6:48 – Vouchsafe, dread Sir, a gracious ear’ (Didymus, Valens)
7:55 – ‘Racks, gibbets, sword and fire’ (Valens)
11:24 – ‘For ever thus stands fix’d the doom’ (Chorus of Heathens)
12:57 – ‘The raptur’d soul defies the sword’ (Didymus)
20:13 – ‘Descend, kind pity, heav’nly guest’ (Septimius)
24:28 – ‘Fond, flatt’ring world, adieu!’ (Theodora)
30:00 – ‘Come, mighty Father’ (Chorus of Christians)
32:41 – ‘As with rosy steps the morn’ (Irene, Messenger)
40:33 – ‘All pow’r in Heav’n above or earth beneath’ (Chorus of Christians)
42:48 – ‘Dread the fruits of Christian folly’ (Septimius)
46:14 – ‘Deluded mortal! Call it not rebellion’ (Theodora, Septimius)
47:30 – ‘Angels, ever bright and fair’ (Theodora)
52:06 – ‘Kind Heav’n, if virtue be thy care’ (Didymus)
54:42 – ‘O love, how great thy pow’r!’ (Irene)
55:05 – Go, gen’rous, pious youth, (Chorus of Christians)

1:01:23 – ‘Ye men of Antioch, with solemn pomp’ (Valens, Chorus of Heathens)
1:02:37 – ‘Wide spread his name’ (Valens)
1:05:40 – ‘Venus laughing from the skies’ (Chorus of Heathens)
1:06:59 – Sinfonia
1:08:43 – ‘With darkness deep as is my woe’ (Theodora)
1:13:17 – ‘Oh, that I on wings could rise’ (Theodora)
1:16:50 – ‘Long have I known thy friendly social soul’ (Didymus, Septimius)
1:17:33 – ‘Tho’ the honours that Flora and Venus receive’ (Septimius)
1:21:26 – ‘Deeds of kindness to display’ (Didymus, Septimius)
1:27:40 – ‘Defend her, Heaven’ (Irene)
1:33:42 – ‘Sweet rose and lily’ (Didymus)
1:37:35 – ‘To thee, thou glorious son of worth’ (Theodora, Didymus)
1:43:07 – ‘He saw the lovely youth’ (Irene, Chorus of Christians)

1:50:13 – ‘Lord, to thee, each night and day (Irene)
1:54:18 – ‘When sunk in anguish and despair’ (Theodora)
1:58:26 – ‘Is it a Christian virtue then’ (Valens, Didymus)
1:59:30 – ‘From virtue springs each gen’rous deed’ (Septimius)
2:04:09 – ‘Cease, ye slaves, your fruitless pray’r!’ (Valens)
2:05:10 – ‘’Tis kind, my friends, but kinder still’ (Didymus, Theodora)
2:06:16 – ‘How strange their ends’ (Chorus of Heathens)
2:09:37 – ‘Ye ministers of justice, lead them hence’ (Valens, Didymus, Theodora)
2:12:15 – ‘Streams of pleasure ever flowing’ (Didymus, Theodora)
2:18:54 – ‘O love divine’ (Chorus of Christians)

Theodora stands out as one of Handel’s finest creations. Composed in 1749 during the twilight of his career, this penultimate major work was undervalued at the time of composition, but is now recognized as the masterpiece it is. An oratorio brimming with dramatic intensity, Theodora traces the tragic tale of the eponymous Christian martyr facing persecution at the hands of the Romans.

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