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FULL The Queen of Carthage: Reclamation of the story of Dido (Pastiche) Vancouver 2023 Cecilia Duarte

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Early Music Vancouver  
  • Date Published: 2024  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: yessubs, ensubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

A seamless blend of Baroque and contemporary song and dance, this interdisciplinary operatic performance is a powerful reclamation of the story of Dido, The Queen of Carthage, and her legacy as a political leader, an empire builder, and a woman of colour.

00:20 Suzie’s Introduction

01:05 Robyn Jacob (b.1988)
When the Memory dies with the Body, it is still held in Time

08:50 Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
“See, see even night herself is here”, from The Fairy Queen, Z.629, Act I

12:27 Overture to Act I, from Dido and Aeneas (excerpt)

13:09 Henry Purcell
“Come away, fellow sailors”, from Dido and Aeneas, Act III

15:00 Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704)
Battalia à 10
Der Mars
Die Schlacht
Adagio. Lamento der Verwundten Musquetirer

20:32 Alonso Mudarra (c.1510-1580)
Dulces Exuviae

26:55 Henry Eccles (1670-1742)
Sonata Quintana Andante in E minor

31:08 John Eccles (1668-1735)
“Restless in thought”, from She Ventures and He Wins (1696)

32:50 Henry Purcell
“When I am laid in earth” (Dido’s Lament) from Dido and Aeneas, Act III


36:27 Henry Purcell
“What Power Art Thou” (The Cold Song) from King Arthur, Z.628, Act III

39:40 John Eccles
The Mad Lover Suite, 5. Aire

40:58 Jessica McMann (b.1987)
Blood, Fire, Flames

44:50 John Dowland (1563-1626)
Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens

47:04 Flow, my tears (Lachrimae Antiquae)

54:37 Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677)
Improvisation on Lagrime mie

1:00:54 Afarin Mansouri (b.1974)
I choose to love you in silence

1:07:17 Henry Purcell
Dance from Dioclesian, Z.627, Act V
Chaconne from King Arthur Z.628

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