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FULL RAVENNA FESTIVAL 1986 A Compilation Veriano Luchetti, Juan Pons, Mariella Devia, Luis Lima, Graziella Sciutti

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Archivio Lorenzo Arruga  
  • Date Published: 1986  
  • Format: Unknown
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio:3
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

In 1986 Lorenzo Arruga received from the Municipality of Ravenna the task of designing the city’s musical summer for the two-year period 1986-87, a task later confirmed and implemented in the RAVENNA IN FESTIVAL, Conceived and directed by Lorenzo Arruga with Lorenza Codignola and Mario Salvagiani, director of the Theaters of Ravenna. The following collaborate in the production: E.A. Teatro Comunale of Bologna, Symphony Orchestra of Emilia Romagna “Arturo Toscanini”, Teatro Verdi of Busseto, Teatro Regio of Parma. He made it with pleasure and absolute dedication.
The first edition declares commitment to creative proposals, aimed at the basic aspect of the city which is reflected in the Festival and offers the historical, aesthetic and moral uniqueness of its places and its people: novelties and roots, prominent artists and personalities and emerging young people, extraordinary. An antecedent of the RAVENNA FESTIVAL refounded in 1990 by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, that is, from the very soul of the city. Of the first year, 1986, I have summary documentation: the imaginative plot of a month of events is crowded in an hour with fragments that give us a glimpse of the catalog of the fervent calendar. There was a ritual of places and events that invaded the city. The trumpeter who echoed his blare (beginning of the Third Sonata of Ravenna for strings by Rossini as a child) in the Piazza del Popolo half an hour before each event, and then a quarter of an hour before in the place of the event, the horse-drawn stagecoach drawn by Pier Luigi Pizzi (for “The straw hat of Florence” by Rota) which runs through the itinerary of the events, the reading of a song from the Divine Comedy at Dante’s Tomb on Saturday at dusk followed by a few minutes of music from the ‘ 900, “le Buonenotti” on Sundays at midnight.

The torchlight procession that opens the Festival for Giuseppe Verdi at the ROCCA BRANCALEONE, place of the Opera and Ballet: performers Susan Dunn, Veriano Luchetti, Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, conductor Carlo Franci; Verdi’s letters read by Raoul Grassilli.

Followed by: “Madama Butterfly” by Puccini performers: Mietta Sighele, Monica Tagliasacchi, Veriano Luchetti, Carlo Gaifa, Juan Pons. Conductor Yoshinori Kikuchi, directed by Stefano Vizioli, set by Aldo Rossi. Orchestra, chorus and costumes of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna.

“Lucia di Lammermoor” by Donizetti starring: Mariella Devia, Luis Lima, Juan Pons, Michele Pertusi. Director Carlo Franci. Directed by Marina Spreafico. Scenes Aldo Rossi. Orchestra and Choir of the Municipal of Bologna.

“Only from you, my sweet love”. An evening with Vivaldi. Cecilia Gasdia and Michele Pertusi. Aterballetto Company directed by Amedeo Amodio, with Elisabetta Terabust.
New “Lybra” dance company directed by Alessandra Mingardo. Rosalba Montrucchio flute, Francesco Carraro oboe, Maurizio Preda lute. OSER Orchestra “Arturo Toscanini, first violin and conductor Astorre Ferrari. Mosaics by the Mosaicists of Ravenna, Costumes Sartoria Tirelli.
DANTE’S TOMB. During the “Prelude” S.E.Mons. Ersilio Tonini, Bishop of Ravenna, reads the Canto dell’Inferno. Valeria Moriconi reads Canto V of the Inferno, Giorgio Zagnoni performs “Density” by Varèse and “Syrinx” by Debussy. Ruggero Raimondi reads Canto VI of Purgatory and pays homage to an aria from “Don Giovanni”, Graziella Sciutti sings “Kaddish” by Ravel. Mario Luzi reads Canto XI of Paradise. (Natale De Carolis sings Ghedini’s Cantico di Frate Sole). Luca Ronconi reads Canto XV of Paradise, Steve Lacy improvises on the saxophone.
ALIGHIERI THEATER “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. New Italian version by Donata Schwendimann Berra and Lorenzo Arruga performed by: Martina Musacchio, Giusi Devinu, Patrizia Dordi, Maurizio Comencini, Alessandro Corbelli, Gabriele Minici. OSER Youth Complex “Arturo Toscanini”. Director Tiziano Severini. Directed by Lorenzo Arruga. Scene Pasquale Grossi. Costumes Eugenio Monti Colla.
RASI THEATER “Vincenzo Bellini, not even in the movies” by Lorenza Codignola. News at the end of Bellini’s 150th anniversary. Actors: Mauro Avogadro, Dario Cantarelli, Ivano Marescotti, Laura Montaruli. Singers: Fiamma Izzo, Chris Merritt. Music by V. Bellini. Instrumentalists and sound effects of the Festival Painted 19th-century backdrops, by the Carlo Colla & Figli Company Collaboration with Silvia Codignola on the scenery and costumes Directed by the author.
THE BASILICAS. S. APOLLINARE IN THE CLASS “Johannes Passion” by J. S. Bach. Director Theo Loosli. Soloists, Choir and Ensemble of the Sinfonietta of Bern.
ALIGHIERI THEATER: “Heavens! My diamonds” Yellow ballet in three eras. A game with Oreste del Buono, Fruttero and Lucentini, Umberto Eco. “Lybra” dance company directed by Alessandra Mingardo. “Homage to the Summer of Ravenna”: Vivaldi, Rossini. I Solisti Veneti with Claudio Scimone.
PIAZZA S. FRANCESCO: A Conclusion. “Ninth Symphony” by Beethoven, with Soloists and Choir Singverein of Vienna and the Pfalz Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Leif Segersgtam. The execution is preceded by the last Canto of the Divine Comedy read by Carlo Bo.

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