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FULL Maometto II Highlights Washington DC 2021 Sewailam Crocetto Sledge DeShong

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Excerpt 1 (0:00)
Negroponte is under siege by Ottoman Sultan Maometto II and his troops. Governor Erisso and his generals are holding a council of war wherein General Condulmiero prudently suggests they yield, but young warrior Calbo urges fierce resistance. The Governor’s Venetian troops swear allegiance to Calbo and draw their swords, promising to fight to the death.
Excerpt 2 (8:26)
Erisso wants his daughter, Anna, to marry Calbo. However, Anna admits that she fell in love with a man she believed to be named Uberto while in Corinth. Erisso reveals that Uberto was with him at the time, leading Anna to realize she was tricked by an imposter — an imposter who turns out to be Maometto himself.
Excerpt 3 (13:36)
Anna learns that a traitor has opened the gates to the Sultan’s forces, so she leads the nearby women in prayer.
Excerpt 4 (19:09)
Victorious over Erisso’s forces, Maometto speaks with his captives, Erisso and Calbo, and comes to realize the Governor is the father of the woman he loves, Anna. He promises to release them if they surrender the city, but they reject the offer.
Excerpt 5 (25:06)
When Anna enters, she recognizes Maometto (“Uberto”), Maometto is surprised to see her, and Erisso is anguished over his daughter’s love for his captor. Anna begs Maometto to release Erisso and Calbo. He agrees and asks to marry her, but she is torn between her love for her enemy, her father, and her country.

Excerpt 6 (31:52)
The Venetians rally to fight back against the Ottomans while Maometto is trying to woo Anna and protect her father and Calbo. She continues to be conflicted and, as he rushes off to battle, begs for a token to protect her in his absence. He obliges, but in so doing, warns her that unless she accepts his love, she will feel his wrath.
Excerpt 7 (38:00)
Excerpt 8 (45:00)
Erisso and Calbo are hidden in a church vault bemoaning Anna’s betrayal of her family and country, though Calbo is convinced she will remain loyal and brave. He reminds Erisso that Anna was duped by the disguised Sultan and adds that he saw her resisting when the Ottomans carried her away.
Excerpt 9 (53:25)
Anna, having overheard women praying in the church, heeds their warning that the Venetians, inspired by Erisso and Calbo’s release, overcame Maometto’s troops. Maometto escaped and the remaining angry Ottomans are looking for her to enact revenge. When soldiers rush in, she faces them so bravely and asks to die. Maometto enters demanding his seal, but Anna tells him that she has given it to her father. She also reveals that Calbo will be her husband, then stabs herself and falls dying on her mother’s tomb.

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