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FULL Brundibar (Krasa) Sezimovo Ústí 2023 Natalie Virkova, Vendula Smelkalova, Adam Hejtmanek, Anita Sonkova

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: ZUŠ Sezimovo Ústí  
  • Date Published: 2023  
  • Format: Streaming
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  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

The director of zuška, Richard Mlázovský, mentioned at the beginning that he had been thinking about the children’s opera Brundibár, which sadly made the Terezin ghetto famous, where the German fascists concentrated Jewish residents during the Second World War, for a long time. Then he mentioned it to his colleagues and received an enthusiastic response. “This year’s school year was marked by Brundibár,” stated the director and thanked all the teachers who studied the opera with the children, as well as the teachers and children of the art department who took care of the imaginative props and the scene. he called backstage, “Break your neck!” 

Authentic memories of Michaela Vidláková, who passed through Terezín as a Jewish girl Lauscher, were heard from the recording in the silence of the hall. A few weeks ago, she came to Sezimova Ústí for a discussion about the Holocaust, and this made it possible to film her narration and use part of it for the performance. Then the whole story unfolded about the children Aninka and Pepíčk, who were looking for milk and other food for their sick mother, but no one wanted to give them anything, the market was ruled by the evil bottler Brundibár, over whom the children eventually won with the help of their friends and animals.

The story of the opera itself has an eventful history – it was written by the Jewish composer Hans Krása to a libretto by Adolf Hoffmeister in 1938. But that was already approaching the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia with the persecution of the Jewish population. The opera still managed to be performed in a Jewish orphanage in Prague, and then the composer himself ended up in Terezín, from where he was later transported to Auschwitz, where he died in 1944. Just as most of the children died, with whom he staged the premiere of the opera Brundibár in Terezín, and 55 reprises were performed there.

The performers identified the evil Brundibar with Adolf Hitler, on the contrary, the protectorate authorities invited the International Red Cross to Terezín to look at the Terezín idyll, including cultural activities. There was even a propaganda film about the fact that Hitler donated the city to the Jews in Terezín.

Today, this cult work is performed all over the world. Music teacher from Tábor, Ludmila Peřinová, watched the first premiere and, in a review in Týdeník Táborsko, mentally smacked all the protagonists. The singing party with the children of the Sezimov-Ustice school was staged by Kateřina Sluková, the conductor is Josef Čechtický, the direction was taken by Jana Hubka Vanýsková from the piano collaboration of Jana Vaščuková, Jakub Řericha and Ivana Zelenková. The scene comes from the workshop of students of Alžběta Horynová and Eva Volfová in the field of art. Luděk Zyka, the stage master of the cultural house Spektrum, was also very helpful to the entire performance.

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