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FULL Viva Vivaldi! The Lost Operas Singapore 2023 Red Dot Baroque

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Lirica Arts  
  • Date Published: 2023  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

This concert is a pioneer initiative in programming a concert putting the spotlight on the operatic music of the composer. Vivaldi is a household name in Western classical music and his “Four Seasons” is a common feature in programs in concert halls both in Singapore and around the world. However, in Singapore, little is known that Vivaldi was a virtuosic and prolific Opera composer of around 94 operas. The “Vivaldi Renaissance” has already commenced in Europe several decades ago with the revival of forgotten works, discovery of newly found manuscripts (thought to be lost) and the programming of Vivaldi operas are a common feature in the top opera houses of the world. While the instrumental and orchestral works of Vivaldi are gradually being featured in concert programs locally, his operas/vocal works remain severely underperformed. The project hopes to kickstart this interest in the discovery of these operatic works, and at the same time positioning Singapore to be on par globally with the rest of the world in the classical music community.

First Half:
1. Overture: String sinfonia RV 157 in G minor (Red Dot Baroque)
2. Chi dal cielo (From opera La fida ninfa) Martin Ng
3. Anch’il mar par che sommerga (from opera Bajazet) Joyce Lee
4. Vedrò con mio diletto (from opera il Giustino) Chan Wei En
5. Sin nel placido soggiorno (From opera La fede tradita e vendicata) Rebecca Chellappah
6. Dov’è la figlia (From opera Motezuma) Martin Ng
7. Sposa son disprezzata (From opera Bajazet) Cheng Szu Yun
8. Nel profondo cieco mondo (From opera Orlando furioso) Rebecca Chellappah
9. Zeffiretti che sussurate (From opera Ercole sul Thermonte) Joyce Lee and Claire Teo
10. Terzett: Non piu regina, ma sono pastorella (From opera Griselda) Cheng Szu yun/ Rebecca Chellappah/ Jonathan Mcpherson
Second Half:
1. Combatta un gentil cor (From opera Tito Manlio) Chan Wei En
2. Alma oppressa (From opera La fida ninfa) Joyce Lee
3. Sol da te mio dolce amore (From opera Orlando furioso) Chan Wei en
4. Cor ritroso (From opera La fida ninfa) Martin Ng
5. Qual guerriero in campo armato (From opera Bajazet) Cheng Szu Yun
6. Terzett: S’egli è ver, che la sua rota (From opera La fida ninfa) Joyce Lee/Rebecca Chellappah/Jonathan McPherson
7. Se ogni guardo (From opera Orlando finto pazzo) Chan Wei en
8. Gelido in ogni vena (From opera il Farnace) Jonathan McPherson
9. Duet: Io sento nel petto (From opera il Farnace) Martin Ng and Cheng Szu Yun
10. Finale (tutti) Dopo i nembi e le procelle (From opera La verità in cemento)

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