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FULL Perpetual Night Paris 2019 Ensemble Correspondances Lucile Richardot

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Perpetual Night
17th-century Ayres and Songs

Care-charming sleep Robert Johnson (ca. 1583–1633)
Go, happy man John Coprario (ca. 1570/80–ca. 1626)
Whiles I this standing lake William Lawes (1602–1645)
O precious time Martin Peerson (1571/73–1651)
Music, the master of thy art is dead Lawes
No more shall meads Nicholas Lanier (1588–1666)
Suite No. 2 in C major Matthew Locke (1621/23–1677)
Give me my lute John Banister (1624/25–1679)
Howl not, you ghosts and furies Robert Ramsey (d. 1644)
Britanocles the great and good appears Lawes
Suite No. 1, Consort of 4 parts Locke
Ayre — Courante
Powerful Morpheus, let thy charms William Webb (ca. 1600–1657)
Rise, princely shepherd John Hilton (1599–1657)
Amintas, that true hearted swain Banister
Poor Celadon, he sighs in vain (Loving above himself) John Blow (1649–1708)
When Orpheus sang Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
Phillis, oh! turn that face John Jackson (d. 1688)
Epilogue: Sing, sing, Ye Muses Blow

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