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Pastorelle en musique (Telemann) Potsdam 2021 Teuscher Lys Mühlbacher

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You can rely on the happy ending in Telemann’s fresh spring Schäferspiel, which is heading towards a double wedding due to all sorts of emotional turbulence. Under the shepherd’s costume, young people emerge in the emotional chaos between the urge for freedom and the desire to bond, who are not so strange to us. The story is told with so much musical esprit, rousing energy and beguiling melodies that it is a pleasure: Telemann pulls out all the stops of his stupendous variety of styles, from Italianized arias to French airs and comedic scenes to large choral tableaus.

It is a stroke of luck that this musical jewel – as far as we know today, the earliest completely survived music-dramatic work by Telemann – has reached us at all: the only copy of the score of the work ended up in the music archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin in Kiev due to the war, and arrived in 2002 in the music department of the Berlin State Library. It was rediscovered twice, independently of one another by the Ukrainian music student Kirill Karabits and the German musicologist Peter Huth. It was staged again at the Komische Oper Berlin in 2004, the first complete recording was released on CD in 2005, and a scientific edition has been available since 2014.

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