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FULL Orphan Train to Iowa (Kevin Allen) Coralville, Iowa 2022 Rohr Haworth Barruffi Strathearn Barett

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Quote from Little Village Magazine:
The orphan train was a real system that placed children from places like New York and Boston with rural families in a time before federal programs for orphaned children. According to the Social Welfare History Project, between 1854 and 1929 an estimated 200,000 children were moved across the country. The concept was invented by Charles Loring Brace, a minister who thought the orphanages were overcrowded and that children would benefit from family life. Brace thought this would be mutually beneficial to families who needed extra hands to tend their farm.
There are some dark elements of this history, as the families were not vetted by any modern standard and some adoptees were only looking for free labor. Additionally, not all children on the orphan trains were actually orphaned.
The opera touches on these elements. For example, the character Old Man Olson wants to adopt Pete just to have him work, and doesn’t care about him emotionally. The play also shows the sisters Rosie and Iris being separated from each other.
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