Opera vs.the Pandemic – A Guest Blog by Charles Handelman

Dear Flamand Olivier,
who is the creator of the fabulous Opera  on Video group (over 35,000 members) asked me to write a little something that may add to your “education” in the field of opera.

This is a sad time in our world, but at least we can often gravitate to music, which we love so much. In my present life, websites and groups such as Opera on Video and others have at least been a great consolation in our lives.

I started at 13…and have seen almost 600 opera performances.
Yes, I am very fussy, but all singers are miraculous, and we have so much to enjoy.
I taught Romance languages 30 years, sang 50 roles as a hobby (honored to sing with Plishka, Ramey, and Galvany)

I also have made some wonderful friends, like today’s birthday diva, Olivia Stapp, and dear Virginia Zeani and Diana Soviero.

And knowing their talent, I understand what singers are all about.
I also was close to my second Madre,” Renata Tebaldi.

I now have too many opera groups, but I can blame the Pandemic…and  I will give you a few URL’s if you wish to listen to more.
I am so very grateful to Flamand for giving me an opportunity to “spread the word.”


I hope this is valuable…. Love to you all
Carlo Handelmani
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