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FULL On the night of a lunar eclipse (Nizametdinov) Ufa 2024 Lyubov Butorina, Arthur Kaipkulov, Vasily Efimov

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Information about the Recording
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  • Date Published: 2024  
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Rejection of folk customs and traditions of the family forms the basis of the dramatic conflict of the play.
An old Bashkir family is ruled after the death of her husband by a rich woman, Tankabike, who has three sons. The middle son Akyeget is engaged to the beautiful Zubarzhat, and the eldest Yulmurza is married to Shafak. Yulmurza dies in military service. According to custom, Akyeget is married to Shafak, and Zubarjat is married to 11-year-old Ishmurza. 
Zubarzhat and Akyeget do not want to follow the laws of the clan and are expelled. They go into the “moonlight”, thereby showing that the eclipse is over, and with it the dark times, and their path in life continues.


Act one
A site in the Bashkir steppe, where a rich and wise woman, baybisa Tankabika, rules an ancient family after the death of her husband. She is reputed to be wise and fair – everyone in the family reveres and respects her.

The life of the baybisa flows in worries about the family and chores around the house: the youngest son Ishmurza grows up, the middle son Akyeget, engaged to the beautiful Zubarzhat, matures; Yulmurza’s eldest son, whose young wife Shafak is expecting, is about to return from serving the king. And for Diuana’s foundling, offended by reason, Tankabika always has a kind word.

The wanderer Dervish passed through those places and stopped to rest at a parking lot where the hostess was so friendly and kind. Is her name Tankabika? Once upon a time he knew a beauty with that name…

Life in the parking lot flows reasonably and fairly – soon Akyeget, with his mother’s blessing, will introduce Zubarzhat’s young wife into the house, and this has been announced to the family. And good news came that the war was over and, therefore, Yulmurza would return from the campaign… But this was not destined to come true. Yulmurza was not among the horsemen who returned from the war – he died a heroic death.

Act two
The customs of the family are sacredly revered, adat – the covenants of the ancestors. In everything, Tankabika is obedient to the will of the elders of the clan, and since the aksakals decided that Akyeget should take the widow Shafak as his wife, and Zubarzhat would have to be given to the youngster Ishmurza, then so be it.

Tankabika’s heart is heavy—isn’t Allah punishing her for the sins of her youth? Many years ago, the fruit of the vicious relationship of the baibisa was born – the wretched Diuana; The poor thing still lives among the steppe people as a foundling. It’s already thirty years old, but Tankabika’s soul still has no peace: only she and Dervish, who hid this terrible secret, know about what he did.

The dervish, captivated by the beauty of Shafak, threatens to reveal the secret of baybisa to the elders and the whole clan if Tankabika does not give him his daughter-in-law, but is refused.

Act three
For the third month now, having submitted to the will of the elders, Shafak and Akyeget have been living in the same yurt. Days and nights drag on for Shafak in melancholy and loneliness, because Akyeget’s heart still belongs to Zubarjat. Shafak is not the only one who knows where her husband spends his nights. The people of the family also condemn the lovers, blaming them for adultery.

The dervish is full of sinful thoughts – Shafak dreams of love, and if she does not renounce her husband in front of people, she threatens to extinguish the moon at midnight.

Unable to bear three days of separation from Akyeget, Zubarzhat comes to his beloved’s tent. Akyeget has no more strength to hide. He decisively told his mother that from now on he would live only with his sweetheart.

But this is a mortal sin and a violation of adat! Isn’t that why the Almighty punishes: cattle die, and people die from illness, and even the moon can go out over the country? If Akyeget and Zubarzhat do not repent and renounce their sinful love, everything may perish!

But Akyeget does not know the words of repentance. And let the world collapse, and let the light go out – he will not renounce his Zubarzhat!

The mother’s heart is broken, but Tankabiki’s belated repentance is not heard by the angry crowd.

The moon went out and souls were eclipsed. Expelled from the clan of Akyeget and Zubarzhat – into oblivion, or into eternity, or into immortality? And a new moon is born…

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