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We have now published over 8000 videos on Opera on Video

As you know we removed registration and login because of the many hacker attacks we had. With this you lost the Favorites feature which allowed you to save a list of your favorite operas and videos.
You can of course bookmark the videos with your web browser.

But we support an additional method to save favorites: Drag and Drop.
You can drag a video thumbnail to your desktop and this will save a shortcut to the video there or in a folder (if you wish).
Here is a video which shows you how to do this best.
This is for PC only and you may have to clear your Browser cache (files only) for it to start working.

Here are the highlights for this month (published in September):

La Traviata Paris 2019 Yende Bernheim Lapointe
Il Trovatore Vienna 2019 Eyvazov Bradley Frontali Bohinec
Don Carlo Vienna 2019 Pape Keenlyside Sartori Alieva
La Traviata Vienna 2019 Siurina Hampson Castronovo
Farinelli! Farinelli! Utrecht 2019 Ann Hallenberg

Das Rheingold Helsinki 2019 Salonen
Wesendonck Lieder Paris 2019 Dorothea Röschmann
Sternenhoch (Acher) Prague 2018
La Dirindina (Scarlatti) Thessaloniki 2019
Madama Butterfly Liege 2019 Aksenova Dolgov Cassi

Iolanta Paris 2019 Churilova Mavlyanov
Il barbiere di Siviglia Palermo 2019
Halka (Moniuszko) Warsaw 2019
Verbum Nobile (Moniuszko) Debica 2019
Les Contes d’Hoffmann Vienna 2019 Korchak Peretyatko Pisaroni

Last Night of the Proms London 2019 Jamie Barton
The Consul New York 2019 Bronx Opera
Ecuba (Manfroce) Martina Franca 2019 Reinhardt Süngü Fridman Mantegna
The Stonewall Operas (Blaskie, Cavanagh-Strong,Rubin,Cummines) New York 2019
Il turco in Italia Rome 2019

And there are many more videos which have been added to Opera on Video in September. Browse these with All Videos.

Enjoy Opera on Video

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  1. Thank you for sharing so many excellent performances. Your site is a real blessing for opera lovers. I wonder however why some recordings are made public in spite of their very poor technical or artistic quality. I know that “de gustibus non est disputandum” but singing out of tune can hardly appeal to anyone.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. You are absolutely right about the varying quality of singing, staging, audio and video. But as you say taste is very varying too. Many people want to watch a performance again they attended even if it was relatively poor – and so on. Opera on video has self-imposed strict rules what is published and what not. Please see FAQ for these. But there are also borderline cases which are difficult to decide.


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