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Norma Riga 2017 Rebeka Antonenko Kaiser Anger

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Video Recording from: Latvijas Nacionālā opera un balets     FULL VIDEO

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  • Published by: Latvijas Nacionālā opera un balets  
  • Date Published: 2021  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: Latvijas Nacionālā opera un balets     FULL VIDEO
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  1. Charles H.Riggs writes:
    I really like Rebeka. She has a pure, bright penetrating sound that’s like a ray of sunshine. She remains one of the finest Donna Annas I’ve ever seen or heard, an excellent Violetta and a really solid Mathilde, which I saw in person at the Met a few years ago. In that latter performance, aside from her perfect rendition of the aria, there was also an exciting and stirring moment when she stood on top of an elevated stage, in the midst of a heavy choral number, and her voice just beamed out over the theater clear as a bell.
    And she has no chest voice at all.
    Her Donna Elvira was an unmitigated disaster. Without any chest voice, her ability to navigate those viciously low-lying phrases in Elvira’s opening aria, like “Ah, se mi trovo l’empio,” was nil, crashing and burning before our eyes. It was pathetic, and a dramatic illustration of how even the most skilled and successful of artists can come a-cropper as the result of an ill-advised career move.
    And now she’s doing Norma???
    I can’t imagine that this will be anything but a disaster. On the other hand, I’m such a fan of hers that I’m almost tempted to take the risk anyway.
    Or I can cheat, and depend on the reports of people whom I trust!
    Which is what I’m going to do.
    How is she in this Norma? Does she sound like a little girl trying to wear her mother’s high heels? Or does she actually bring it off?

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