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FULL Mârouf, Savetier du Caire (Rabaud) Paris 2013 Bou Manfrino Courjal Leguérinel

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Opera Comique even had its greatest success of the inter-war period with these picaresque adventures taken from One Thousand and One Nights.

Fleeing a cantankerous wife and a thousand other dangers, a modest cobbler, Mârouf, is saved by the love of the daughter of a sultan. Picturesque characters, collective scenes, magical apparitions and twists follow one another at the gates of the desert.

Performed in its time around the world, the work combines the refinement of French music with the scent of oriental music, in the service of a “healthy good mood” that seduced Gabriel Fauré.

A contemporary of Ravel, Henri Rabaud was then approaching the height of his official career and his activities as a conductor, which eventually prevailed over composition.

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