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FULL Mahler: Symphony No.2 Resurrection Paris 2022 Klaus Mäkelä, Mari Eriksmoen, Wiebke Lehmkuhl

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Betsy Jolas Latest(création)
Gustav Mahler
Symphonie n° 2 “Résurrection”

A vast poem on the end of time, the “Resurrection” Symphony testifies to Mahler’s incredible ability to project his metaphysical anguish into immense dramatic and musical architectures. The initial movement sets the underlying program: it is nothing less than the condition of man and his terrible finitude. Tumultuous, with the irruption of the Dies Irae, this movement gives way to a smiling Andante, in the rustic spirit of a Ländler. But the tumult returns with a rondo with diabolical contours, for which Mahler delivers the ironic, grating version of a song from the Knaben Wunderhorn. Preceded by the Urlicht, a poignant vocal appeal to the “original light”, the final movement uses a poem by Klopstock, Resurrection, to plunge the human subject back into his insoluble inner struggle. A major score, preceded by the exceptional event of the creation of a new work by a major figure of our time, Betsy Jolas.

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