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FULL Madame Butterfly Movie 1995 Ying Huang Richard Troxell Liang Ning

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  1. Pop-in ads are tolerated BEFORE a movie begins, but not during a movie. The play of a movie is often unmanned, as when friends are over watching it together. I’ve tried watching this butterfly from different browsers with the same result. YOU need to dictate that this is not tolerable. I will not be using your services again util this has been fixed..


    1. Dear BobY,
      Let me explain and clarify a few things.
      Opera on Video does not publish any videos themselves but rather links to videos published by someone else on other websites. Thus we have no direct control over videos. The Butterfly here is hosted by YouTube. Your complaint is therefore about YouTube advertising not about Opera on Video advertising.
      Although I sympathize about your view, that is the way Youtube works. Btw it is very different for different YoutTube videos.
      And finally: You are actually the first person to complain about this.
      Greeting Flamand


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