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FULL L’ETOILE or THE LUCKY STAR Bloomington IN 2022 Jonathan Elmore, Elise Miller, Noah Lauer, Raelee Gold

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  • Published by: IU Music Live  
  • Date Published: 2022  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: yessubs, ensubs  
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Act I
As a birthday treat to himself, King Ouf I scours the city in search of a suitable
victim to execute. The ambassador Hérisson de Porc-Epic and his wife, Aloès, enter with
his secretary, Tapioca, and Laoula, the daughter of the king of a neighboring country.
They are traveling incognito, and the princess is being passed off as Hérisson’s wife.
Their mission, of which Laoula is unaware, is to marry her to Ouf. Complications
arise when Laoula and a poor peddler, Lazuli, fall in love at first sight. Scolded for
flirting, Lazuli insults the disguised king and thus becomes a desired candidate for
death by impalement. However, Siroco, the king’s astrologer, reveals that the fates of
the king and the peddler are inextricably linked; the stars predict that they will die
within 24 hours of each other. Fortunes change again, and Lazuli is escorted with
honors into the palace.
Act II
Lazuli, feted and well fed, grows bored with luxury and longs for Laoula. Ouf,
still unaware of the disguises, furthers the lovers’ hopes of marriage by imprisoning
the supposed husband, Hérisson. The lovers depart, but Hérisson escapes and orders
the peddler to be shot. Gunfire is heard, but although Laoula is brought in, there is
no sign of Lazuli. Ouf bemoans his impending death.
Lazuli, having escaped harm, overhears Ouf, Siroco, and Hérisson discussing the
situation and eventually reveals himself to Laoula. They plan a second elopement.
The king and Siroco try to raise their spirits with a large glass of green chartreuse.
Ouf, desperate to produce an heir to the throne, plans to marry Laoula, even if for an
hour, but finds that he has run out of time. However, when the clocks strike five and
nothing happens, Ouf declares that the astrologer’s predictions must have been wrong.
The Chief of Police then appears with Lazuli, who was caught on his way out of the
country. The king blesses Lazuli and Laoula’s marriage to the cheers of all.


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