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FULL Les Huguenots Montpellier 1990 Raphanel Miricioiu Borst Kunde

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Information about the Recording
  • Format: Broadcast
  • Quality Video: 2 Audio:2
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  1. Is there any way to upload or link to where you can watch it on mobile? The website tells me that I can’t watch it on Safari because the browser does not support this.

    1. Recently some browser and app software have changed their behaviour to more strict privacy enforcement. That without notifying you and without you changing any settings. This may cause some of the embedded videos on the operaonvideo website not to play (playback error).
      This occurs often with videos hosted on the website mail ru.
      I would like to help to avoid you having to reconfigure anything or to change to another browser/app.
      So here are WORKAROUNDs:
      Try clicking the red button further down on the page – this may work. Otherwise in the right bottom corner of the embedded video if it displays “” click on this and you will get the video page on that website.
      If you have any problem please contact me.


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