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FULL L’ELISIR D’AMORE Birmingham 2022 Novella Opera

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Once again we have an updated version of a Donizetti Opera transported (via English) from rural Italy to the East End of London and helped along the way with dialogue. The Elixir of Love follows the changing fortunes of a wealthy West End young woman, Adina and a poor East Ender, Nemorino who is in love with Adina. She has a rather fickle nature and though attracted to Nemorino she can’t make up her mind whether to choose him or Belcore, an army recruitment sergeant. He also wishes to marry her as soon as possible as he has been recalled for duty.
Meanwhile, Dulcamara, a rogue trader, is passing himself off as a doctor who has access to a recent medicine which has miraculous properties of seduction. Nemorino hopes to take advantage of this which he believes will enable him to win the love of Adina. He buys the Elixir and drinks it without knowing it is cheap wine.
He then finds Belcore has planned for his wedding to Adina to take place immediately and although she agrees to this she decides to postpone it until the evening. It gives Nemorino chance to raise some money to buy more elixir. He does this by enlisting in the army with the aid of Belcore. He believes by taking more of the elixir its power will be increased.

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