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FULL La del Manojo en la T4: La del manojo de rosas (Sorozabal) Madrid 2023

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid  
  • Format: DVD
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

Ascension: Clerk of a souvenir shop. She belongs to a wealthy family that has gone downhill but is proud of her work and her situation.
Joaquín: Executive of AENA and member of the employer’s association. He poses as airport maintenance personnel to win over Ascension.
Ricardo: Iberia pilot. He really likes Ascension and his strong character. He is self-assured and used to being successful among women.
Clarita: Airport manicurist and convinced feminist. She likes Hood, but she is not willing to lose her independence or to be controlled.
Hood: He works as a cleaning staff at the airport and is crazy about Clarita, whom he does not understand a word.
Espasa: Ryanair flight attendant. He loves to play puns and he likes Clarita a lot. He presumes to be a highly educated person, using a language full of bizarre and crazy words. He doesn’t understand Clara either.
Marola: Burger King waitress at the airport. Outgoing and friendly woman attentive to what happens at the airport, she tries to help if the opportunity arises.
Manuela: She works at the tourist information booth, although she really has little information on everything. She is very proud of her country and her airport. She has a lot of genius and what she likes the most is going out to Madrid.
Manon: French tourist. She has spent a few days in Madrid and is looking forward to returning to Paris, but the Ryanair strike has caught her.
Tourists: Several tourists pass through the Plaza “Delquevenga” buying, observing and finally participating in the problems of the workers.

Equipo artístico:
Ascension: Ana Molina (18.00)/ Sofía Gutiérrez-Tobar (20.00)
Joaquín: Álvaro Blasco 18.00 / Edwing Tenias (20.00) /Mario Millán (cover)
Clarita: Sandra Bravo (18.00)/ Iris Miralles (20.00)
Capó: Sergio Aunión (18.00) / Sergio Rosado (20.00)
Ricardo: Víctor Jiménez (18.00)/ Nicolás Calderón (20.00)
Marola: Alexandra Zamfira (18.00)/ Jessica Bogado (20.00)
Manuela: Elsa Roldán (18.00)/ Rosario González (20.00)/ Paula Passelari (cover)
Manon: Andrea Rey (18.00)/ María Izaga (20.00)/ Viktorija Dunauskaite (cover)
Espasa: Alejandro Miranda (18.00)/ Alejandro Aparicio (20.00)
Turistas: Gabriela Izquierdo, Paula Passelari

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