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FULL La Ciudad Ausente (Gandini) Buenos Aires 2023 Oriana Favaro, Sebastián Sorarrain, Gustavo Gibert, Alejandro Spies

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In the framework of the cycle Foco Gandini, which honors Gerardo Gandini on the tenth anniversary of his death, he will present La Ciudad Ausente, the opera that the composer and the writer Ricardo Piglia wrote together from de la novela homónima de Piglia. Released in 1995 and represented in this theater for the last time in 1997, it returns to the scene with musical direction by Christian Baldini and scenic direction by Valentina Carrasco.

The themes of the novel The Absent City, by Ricardo Piglia, are the great obsessions of Argentine literature: paranoia, history and, of course, Argentine literature itself. There they appear, as in Domingo Faustino Sarmiento or Rodolfo Walsh, the investigation and the document; There he is, as in Roberto Arlt, the figure of the inventor on the verge of delirium. And, also, as in Argentine history, the conversations in low voices, the conspiracies, the fear. The opera composed by Gerardo Gandini based on that novel, with Piglia himself as librettist, adds another level to the same game: it talks about the opera. There is a woman, loved and condemned to immortality, prisoner of a secret machine that sings stories – little operas. There is a guardian of this strange museum and also a researcher who tries to reveal the plot. The music, magical, melancholic, and sometimes terrifying, is another voice in that dazzling polyphony.

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