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FULL La Ciociara (Tutino) Cagliari 2017 Antonacci Machado Scandiuzzii

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: RAI 5 HD  
  • TV Director: S. Katy Tucker  
  • Date Published: 2017  
  • Format: Broadcast
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO
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Comment (3)

  1. Marco Tutino new verista opera trying to inject new blood into the Italian Opera repertoire. Libretto based on Luca Rossi and not on the Moravia novel on which De Sica based his movie with the same characters. Excellent Antonacci as the woman suffering from the catastrophe of WW2 that was so cruel to Italy

  2. Not a master piece but a very decent opera. Antonacci superb. Let´s hope for ‘il Risorgimento’ of Italian Opera as it used to be.

  3. After my 3rd. viewing, I consider this opera a great anti-war thesis because, even more than the terrible “marocchinate”, there is no worse violation of the whole human race than war, which Tutino cleverly expresses in various ways.


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