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FULL Jeanne und Gilles (Descamps) Vienna 2018 sirene Operntheater

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: sirene  
  • Date Published: 2018  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: yessubs, desubs, frsubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

0:00:00 Jeanne und Gilles
0:01:25 Prolog. Vor dem Vorhang
0:10:24 Frühling. Spielt im Hundertjährigen Krieg 1429 im Feldlager vor Orléans
0:24:11 Sommer. Spielt am Schlachtfeld vor Paris 1430
0:42:48 Herbst. Spielt 1431 in Rouen
1:02:06 Winter. Spielt in Gilles de Rais’ Burg Tiffauges 1440
1:27:55 Epilog. Vor dem Vorhang
1:34:39 Applaus

The opera tells of the love between Jeanne d’Arc and Gilles de Rais. The general Jean d’Orléans and the mercenary leader Etienne de Vignolles admire the unusual war talent Jeanne d’Arc. The young nobleman Gilles de Rais believes passionately in the martial maiden and falls in love. Jeanne has no time for love, she is completely focused on her mission. God’s voice has commanded her to crown France’s king and free the country from the English. The atrocities of war appear to Gilles to be bearable only because of Jeanne’s sure promise that God Himself commanded them. When they are defeated for the first time in battle, the king and his followers distance themselves from her – and hand them over to the Burgundians and English in order to reach an armistice. Jeanne is captured and sentenced to death by fire. The Pasquerel, who has doubts about people and God, worries about the salvation of her soul, but she goes into the fire full of confidence and faith. The war comrades reluctantly submit to the king’s orders and see their former leader, who was marked by imprisonment and trial, burned at the stake. The war is over, life goes on. Only Gilles de Rais cannot forget. Because with Jeanne, his moral support is also burned. Nightmares from the war haunt him, in his head he hears the screams of the battlefields and sees Jeanne’s death by fire again. He lives in seclusion in the company of his servant Poitou at Tiffauges Castle and hopes, with the help of alchemists and magicians, to find an answer to the question why God has ordered war and death. The alchemist and doctor Jean de la Rivière cannot assert himself with his sensible advice, he ultimately perishes. The gloomy devil conjurer Francesco Prelati advises the unfortunate baron to seek the echo of Jeanne’s voice in the cry of innocence. A child should die for it. Like Jeanne, Gilles is convicted and executed for it. The war continues, Orléans and Vignolles go into battle. Pasquerel recognizes God’s voice in the song of the birds.

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